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Projects & Solutions


Whether its a new premises install, complete overhaul, upgrade or phasing out R22. Elite Cooling Services are equipped to design supply, install and commission a wide range of solutions to meet your HVAC or refrigeration/process cooling needs.

Our initial consultation will include a free of charge site visit from one of our fully trained design engineers to specify and discuss your exact requirements and to advise on a desired solution, including any legislative issues surrounding the use of refrigerants and to discuss any health and safety risks/concerns. We will then provide a no obligation quote free of charge.

Project Consultation


Project Planning

At Elite Cooling Services our Design engineers have a wealth of experience in perfecting the planning process to ensure the implementation of your cooling solution runs like clockwork. In the planning phase we will determine and document a list of specific project goals, deliverables, tasks and deadlines. We also equip our engineers with health and safety site packs to allow them to perform a site specific risk assessment ensuring the safety of our staff and yours.

As all of our customers needs differ our design engineers will work alongside you to ensure you have the most sufficient yet cost effective and economically viable install to meet your criteria. 


Elite Cooling Services have a great working relationship with a number of large suppliers, we pride ourselves on these relationships as this allows us to source and supply the best brands at the best prices for you.

We have a pool of experienced sub contractors to assist in ensuring the task in hand is completed proficiently and professionally and will arrange for these to be apart of the project if required.

All of the planning will be thoroughly documented and require customer sign off to ensure you are both happy and understanding of the implementation before work commences. 

Elite Cooling Services are certified to handle and dispose of any waste refrigerants in accordance to F Gas Regulations.


Project Installation

Elite Cooling Services' engineers have gained a reputation of excellence for high quality, skilled workmanship and professionalism in delivering the best installation solutions in any environment.


We will work in accordance to the provided project plan to ensure the installation runs as smoothly as possible. If for an unforeseen circumstance there is a need to deviate from the project our installation engineers are equipped to find a solution and work alongside the customer and contractors to achieve the desired outcome.

Once the installation is complete our engineers will complete a thorough handover with the customer. Once the customer is happy and the work is signed off the installation is complete.


 To ensure the installation has a long and economically viable life we recommend that the customer takes out one of our maintenance contract solutions tailored to the system and components installed.

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