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Air Conditioning Repairs, Maintenance and Installation


Air Conditioning repair services from Elite Cooling Services are responsive and proactive as we fully understand how important your air conditioning service is.


Elite Cooling Services is one of the fastest growing air conditioning breakdown and repair specialists throughout the UK offering a swift resolution to any air conditioning breakdown and repair.

Our engineers are qualified and have the expertise to repair all types of air conditioning systems. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to analyse the root cause of your air conditioning failure, which not only saves time and money but makes sure that your equipment stays trouble-free for years to come.

It has become apparent with unpredictable summers and winters your air conditioning system is now an important commodity within your business, our air conditioning repair service is designed around our clients and their needs.

It is imperative that you have the right climate in your business for critical equipment, sensitive products and your staff. We recognise that your business will demand a reliable and swift response as well as an efficient repair in the event of an air conditioning breakdown at a price that is affordable.

AC Repairs


AC Maintenance
AC Installation

Air conditioning Maintenance is an essential service that Elite Cooling Services provide to our customers, helping to avoid air conditioning breakdowns.


At Elite Cooling Services our experience tells us that regular planned air conditioning maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble-free running of any air conditioning system.

Routine air conditioning maintenance maintains the efficiency of the air conditioning equipment; our engineers attend regular training courses to keep them up to date with standards and practices. We use the latest technology which not only saves time and money but makes sure that your equipment stays trouble free for years to come.

We also offer routine inspection and air conditioning maintenance programmes which can uncover and resolve minor faults that can lead on to major breakdowns.

It has been proven that cutting back on a maintenance plan is a false economy. A reactive approach is essential for air conditioning maintenance. Repairing the system only when it breaks down, significantly increases through-life costs due to premature component failure and inefficient energy use.

Our staff are qualified to service and maintain all types of air conditioning systems.


Air Conditioning installation by our Elite Cooling Services engineers have gained a reputation of excellence for high quality, skilled workmanship and professionalism in delivering the best air conditioning installation solutions for any environment .


We have more than 25 years experience in air conditioning installation throughout Cheshire, Liverpool and Manchester and now across the UK.

Elite Cooling Services provides a complete range of services with the emphasis on making the process of installing your new air conditioning systems seamless. Over time our installation process has worked for all our clients.

It is in our opinion that engineers rather than sales reps have the skills and technical knowledge to decide or advise you on exactly what equipment and which air conditioning installation option is required.

This way the installation of your air conditioning system will go as smoothly as possible for the engineer and you, the customer.

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